Mon, 2023-04-17, 5:19PM

Hey there, welcome to my wishlist. For any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email

Main list:

Priority: very high - ~300 euro - A 3D printer

Priority: high - ~50 euro - Any SFP+ network card that does 10GbE fiber and is supported on Gentoo GNU/Linux

Priority: medium - ~30 euro - Huge deskpad

Priority: low - Apple Watch

Priority: low - ~220 euro - Saturn60 Full Kit

Priority: low - ~300 euro - Any Thunderbolt 3 eGPU with PD and general dock tingies. Preferably a Razer Core X

Priority: low - ~100 euro - eGPU is better but this would work sort off too, but I’d have to keep using my PC for certain tasks…

Priority: low - ~30 euro - Spotify Carthing

Priority: low - ~15 euro - Planet neon sign

Priority: low - ~20 euro - Lighting cloud neon sign

Always welcome, but not really specific at the moment:

Priority: high - ~1-? euro - Any Freedom/GNU/Linux/Unix stickers, i.e. these, or any other GNU/Linux merch.

Priority: medium - ~1-? euro - Any 3.5”/2.5” harddrive (HDD) or SSD

Priority: low - ~90 euros - Raspberry Pi 4, 8GB

Priority: low - ~40 euro - Any RGB led lights which are usable using Home Assistant such as these

Priority: low - ~0-100 euro - Any ‘old’ Lenovo/IBM ThinkPad (T400, T410/T420, X201, X210 & X220 or similar)

Priority: low - ~?? euro - Any (old) accessory which I might find usefull, please go out of the box on this one :)


Priority: high - ~?? euro - Any donation/tip

Want to give anything but not sure what to give? Reach out to me please, so you can donate a custom amount of money to me directly.

If something is unclear, please shoot me a message at

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